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It is a believed that buying directly will cost less. However, it might not always be the case. Sometimes, brokers enjoy better pricing with insurance companies because of the economy of scales around distribution, paperwork, accuracy.



Insurance brokers are professionals and represent the insurance buyers only, and not the insurance company. Insurance broker can place the insurance of his client with any insurance company, in the best interest of the insurance buyer. Thus, the insurance broker is a single window solution for all insurance problems of the insurance buyer with all insurance companies.



Many a time customers need some crucial information like quotes before buying a policy. The helpline number of the companies directs the calls to a centralized call centre where the staff may not be trained in all the aspect of the product or might not be able to communicate correctly. However, insurance brokers are local companies whose staff can solve your queries on phone or even pay a prompt visit if required!

Identifying Risks


The onus to identify the nature and value of risks in no longer with the insured alone. A qualified insurance broker can perform a due diligence and risk profiling before suggesting an insurance solution.


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