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Education sector is the most rapidly growing industry in India. As an entrepreneur in this sector, you could build a great institution by your sheer hard work and dedication. The society as a whole can benefit from your efforts.


However, any unforeseen event or a calamity like fire, damage to goods along with the priceless life of students and teachers could make you lose precious assets as well as the goodwill. Education Institute Insurance is a complete insurance package product structured specifically for such institutes.

Most educational institutions are at the following risks
Risk to Property

Loss or damage to assets such as buildings, labs, office equipments, motor vehicles, etc. due to fire, natural calamities, accidents and malicious damage, etc.


Risk to Students

Accidents within and outside campus, diseases, food poisoning, even death


Liability Risks

Liability towards third party against any accident, injury and loss of property within campus


Risks to Manpower

Accidents at work (in campus or outside campus), diseases and illness, etc.


At VIBS, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution, with best company and policies that suits your need.

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