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We are surrounded by uncertainties 24x7 because every event has a possibility of an adverse outcome. These uncertainties are called ‘risks’. Generally, there are three ways to deal with any kind of risk - either to hold it, to evade it, or to transfer it to some other entity.


Such transferring or shifting of a risk from one individual to a group is termed as ‘insurance’.


Example: Imagine a group of 500 owners having a car valued at Rs. 4 lakhs each. All of them are at a risk of meeting an accident. However, on an average, only two cars a year are completely lost due to accidents, hence the total loss for the group is Rs. 8 lakhs a year. Hence, the group comes together and contributes Rs. 1,600/- each to meet the uncertainty.


Insurance can be for Life as well as for Non-Life

Life Insurance

Under life insurance, the life of the individual is assured. This means that at the time of his/ her death, the family members receive an assured amount. Life insurance not only helps the survivors for their financial requirement after death of the earning member, but also helps in achieving financial goals during the lifetime. It also provides a tool of savings and tax planning.


Life Insurance Policies can
  • Support dependents after the death of the primary breadwinner
  • Provide a source of funds post retirement
  • Helps to manage responsibilities like child’s education and marriage even after the death of the earning parent
  • Provide financial assistance at the time of a major illnesses
Non-Life Insurance (General Insurance)

Every asset has a value and it provides a benefit to the owner. The benefit can be in the form of earnings or any other. If the asset is destroyed, there will be a financial loss i.e. value of asset as required to replace and earnings. Insurance policies indemnify such financial losses to the owner of the asset. General Insurance also indemnifies the owner of the asset against liability that arises due to operation of the asset.

  • Fire Insurance,
  • Marine Insurance and
  • Miscellaneous Insurance


Miscellaneous Insurance covers Insurances like Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Liability Insurance, Money Insurance, Cattle Insurance, etc.


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