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Risk Management

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Risk management is a scientific approach to the problems of dealings with risks faced by individuals and business.

Risk management deals with insurable and uninsurable risks and the choice of the appropriate techniques for dealing with them. The emphasis of risk management is on reducing the cost of handling risk by whatever means that are considered most appropriate.

Being a team of highly qualified and experienced insurance professionals, Velocity Insurance Brokers can guide for

Determination of Objectives

The primary objective of the risk management practice is to preserve the operating effectiveness of the organization and to ensure that it is not prevented from achieving its other goals by the losses arising from risk. Our due diligence process makes sure that you identify the goals..


Risk Identification

As risk managers, we understand and study the operations of the organization and identify the risks the business is exposed to.


Risk Analysis

Once we identify the risk, we try to understand the potential financial impact of the risk.


Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment process is a process including

  • Frequency of risk
  • Human cost in term of pain and suffering
  • Monetary cost or financial severity

Insurance Cover Selection

We suggest the risks to be covered under Insurance.


Selection of Insurance Policy and Insurance Company

We arrange a comparison of various policies from various Insurance Companies and help you to select most suitable policy at economical rates.


Claim Settlement Services

We assist you at the time of claim and advise you to complete all formalities. We shall make claim settlement simpler, easier and quicker.

At VIBS, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible insurance solution, with best company and policies that suits your need.

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